The Bright Box


A box of roses. Just like a box of chocolates- something for everyone! There are 260 vibrant stems in the Bright Box.

Based on the popularity of The Shop Box, we have been hunting high and low for a complimentary box… and here we have it. You will note there are some similarities in the colours (we have kept in the favourite Sunflowers and Eucalyptus), but there are lots of differences in the products. We have a wider range of roses in the bright box – with similar headsizes and head shapes so they are more complimentary to each other in a bouquet; and a few spray roses! The purple Statice has been replaced with Limonium for those wanting a lighter texture and coupled with the Lepidium will add that wilder feel.

Please note there are two seasonal items, or crops that are being trialled on a semi commercial basis…they are subject to change according to what is available and looking good, right now we have a beautiful Pale Pink Limonium!

Standard: 260 stems

10 Rose Espana
10 Rose Carpe Diem
10 Rose Cherry Tree
10 Rose Deep Purple
10 Rose Sun Queen
10 Rose Belle Rose
10 Rose Nightingale
10 Rose Blueberry/ Infused Pink/ Glamorous
10 Rose Ace Pink
10 Rose Firecatcher
20 Spray Rose Snowflake
30 Lepidium Green Dragon
10 Sunflowers
20 Limonium Safora Dark Blue
60 Eucalyptus Silver Dollar
20 extras…!

Safari Garden’s mixed boxes; Designed for Florists, by Florists.

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