The Hypericum Box – The Red, The Green and The Mixed!


The Hypericum Box comes in three options: Red, Green and Mixed. As you will guess, they are as they suggest, but in the Mixed Hypericum Box you will find a selection of colours – Red, Green and Chocolate/ Pink. With these berries you can add texture and fill to all your bouquets. The beauty of the mixed box is that there is a little bit for everyone! My favourite is probably the Chocolate hypericum because it can go with anything – from Pale Pinks and creams to deep fiery oranges and reds.

Hypericum is a plant with lots of remedies for natural medicine, but here we grow it for the beautiful berries it produces. (Please DO NOT eat them!) The flower is a delicate little yellow flower with long stamens, which is very popular with pollinators. Once the flower has been pollinated it starts the process of berry production- one berry for every flower. The cluster of flowers on each stem results in a cluster of berries. Have you tried growing hypericum in your garden? If you do, you will probably see berries that are a very dark red in colour, almost black. We are lucky to have a huge range of colours – and shapes of berries, but the common garden ones are less bright. Our newest planting is a Pink berried Hypericum called Royal Princess. This little gem is from the Magical series.

Do you make Green/ Foliage bouquets for Events? if so, why not try hypericum – it’s a great way to add a little more texture and a pop of colour. Should you have a few stems left over why not try a little gold paint on the berries…

  • 150 Hypericum
    – The Red Hypericum Box – 150 stems of Excellent Flair
    – The Green Hypericum Box – 150 stems of Green Revival or Green Power
    – The Mixed Hypericum Box – 150 stems of Red, Chocolate, Green and/or Pink

150 stems per box | 60 cm

Safari Garden’s mixed boxes: Designed for Florists, by Florists.

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