The Little Seasonal Box


The Little Seasonal Box is an offering of delights. This box will change through the year, but there will be an element of consistency so you know roughly what to expect!

Delphiniums, Veronica, Phlox, and Spray Alstromeria are all on my my wish list… and we even have some Stocks that are going to be planted for the Spring! If they grow well and don’t turn into Warthog lunch, then we hope to be able to include these too!

With a few trusty favourites, such as: hypericum, for that lovely berry texture and bouquet bulk; a few roses – I mean why wouldn’t we (?!); and of course the wild and wonderful Lepidium. We hope you will have fun making and creating with the little seasonal box!

Again, there are two boxes available in this range: The Sorbet and The Sunset. These two names are because Kenyan days need a taste of a refreshing cool sorbet (these are the whites, creams, pinks), and the Kenyan evenings are made by their Sunsets (Glowing yellows, oranges, red and a touch of cerise!). Just come and see for yourself…!

  • 20 Premium Roses
  • 20 Standard Roses
  • 20 Summer Flowers e.g. Delphinium, Snaps, Spray Alstro, Lisianthus, Stocks (we hope) or maybe even Ammi.
  • 20 Phlox and/or Veronica
  • 20 Alstroemeria
  • 10 Foliage: e.g Euc Cinerea, Rosemary…
  • 10 Hypericum
  • 10 Limonium
  • 10 Lepidium

140 stems per box | 50cm

Safari Garden’s mixed boxes; Designed for Florists, by Florists.

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