Cenacle filler crop


Crops: Cenacle grows Hypericum, Limonium and other fillers 

Certifications: Targeting KFC and MPS

Cenacle grows summer flowers and filler and is made up of three small farms – two are in Naivasha – one by Wildfire (Karagita), one further around the lake road in a place called Kongoni, and the other is 2 hours North (Ol Kalou).

Each farm has its own speciality – Karagita: Gypsophila, Kongoni: Limonium and trials, Ol Kalou: Hypericum and other crops that prefer the higher altitudes.

All three farms are outdoor (i.e. without greenhouses or poly tunnels) which allows Bonny, the owner and grower, to really focus on which crop grows best in each area according to the natural conditions, rather than through influence.

The Ol Kalou farm is the youngest of the 3.

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