Nini Farm flower packaging

Nini Farm

Crops: Nini Farm grows Roses (44ha)

Certifications: Fair Trade, MPS A, MPS SQ, MPS GAP (Nini Ltd and Lamorna Ltd), KFC silver (Nini Ltd)

Established: Nini Ltd 1996; Lamorna Ltd 2003

Nini is made up of two neighbouring farms – Nini Ltd and Lamorna Ltd.

With 15 varieties of Roses of a diverse colour range, including reds, whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, cerises and bi-colours, the farms are constantly looking for more and replaces 25% of its crop each year to keep up to date with the latest varieties and to maintain economic and physical viability of plants. Nini exports an average of 110 million stems a year of varying lengths depending upon market demand. For over 10 years, roses have been packed at source in packhouses on both farms.

Nini Ltd was the first purpose built rose farm in Kenya. Its roses are all grown under greenhouse and on hydroponics. Lamorna Ltd, has some hydroponics and some soil grown roses.

Both farms have a closed fertigation system with their hydroponically grown roses, this means the water is recycled and put back into the system, enabling them to reuse their water.

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